Our lancing system can be utilized to clean out long, multi-bend topside piping as well as some pipeline blockages.  

Lancing Systems

A few years back we started working on technology to clean out long multi-bend topside piping. The technology is similar to a municipal drain cleaning system but able to reach further in smaller diameters and able to handle the harsh chemicals of our environment. What came from our trials was a long reaching system that operates at ultra-high pressures and utilizes proprietary fluid blends that allow sufficient annular rates for long range cleanouts. The hose is flexible enough to allow it to turn tight, small bore corners. We currently have two lancing systems in place.

Smaller Diameter Piping

Our first lancing system utilizes a smaller ID hose and is best for smaller bore piping such as 2″ and 3″ pipe.  We were able to traverse a simulated topside at our facility which consisted of two long sweeping 30′ runs followed by three 2D 90’s all with a 3″ ID.  The total run was 220′.

Larger Diameter Piping

Our second lancing system utilizes a larger ID hose and is best for larger bore piping such as 4″ to 6″ pipe.  We have utilized our larger lance on a line with a blockage expected to be within 2,000′ of entry.  The blockage was encountered at 1,300′ and the lancing system continued to wash up to 2,100′.  The hose was recovered and progressive pigging was completed.

Spotting Chemicals

Rather than pumping large quantities of chemical to get to a blockage, we are able to pump down the ID of our lancing hose and spot chemical at the exact point of blockage.  This practice helps save time and money for our clients.

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