Coiled Tubing Services

After 30 plus years, Carlisle Energy Group is making a move to on shore services. Wildcat Coiled Tubing, a division of Carlisle Energy Group, will be maintaining multiple coiled tubing units and 1200hp Dual-Pump trucks. Designed & Built by Hydra-Rig, Stewart & Stevenson, Texas Oil Tools. These units will have 2” through 1-1/4” coiled tubing options. Wildcat coiled tubing units and support equipment use proven designs that enable our personnel to work with confidence, knowing that they can count on our equipment when it is needed most. Wildcat has the capabilities to handle the most challenging jobs including projects with two different motion compensation systems as well as high pressure projects up to 12,500 psi and greater.

 Services & Application

Offshore and Land Units

Well Cleanouts

Traditional, Foamed and Gel Cleanouts

Rotary Jetting

Removal of Paraffin and Scales


Gravel Packing

Memory Logging and Perforating

Tool and Packer Deployment

Pipeline Cleanouts/ Decommissioning

15K Equipment

Fluid Displacement

N2 Displacement

N2 Lifting

Fishing, Milling and Under-Reaming


Matrix Acidizing

Cement (zonal isolation), Cement Packers

Velocity/Siphon Strings

Well Control (circulating kill weight fluid)

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